Hahn, K.; Kuhlmann, S.; Konrad, K.; Visscher, K. (2017): Co-creation: embedding companies’ innovation practices in innovation ecosystem dynamics. Science, Technology & Policy Studies - STePS Working Paper Series 01/17

How can the creativity, the exchange and the inspiration that innovation ecosystems can provide be captured, extended, and transferred into companies’ concrete innovation processes, helping them to make them more open-minded to transformative ideas and risk-taking? Here, the paper suggests, public innovation policy should step in more actively. The objective of such policy would be to motivate companies to apply more often this rich set of IES opportunities for their innovation activities and to co-create future developments together with their ecosystem partners. Innovation policy should encourage companies to experiment and anticipate future developments more widely and collectively, linking their market perspectives with societal challenges in order to unlock their potential for future innovativeness.