Support for continued data collection and analysis concerning Mobility patterns and career paths of REsearchers

This project is carried out by a consortium of the University of Twente (Dr. Egbert de Weert from CHEPS and Dr. Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros from STePS) and the Idea Consult; the Austrian Institute of Economic Research, WIFO; the iFQ, Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance; LaSapienza - University of Rome; CFA, Danish Center for Research and Research Policy, Aarhus University (total EU funding 1,3 million Euro). The objective of the study is to provide internationally comparable data, indicators and analysis in order to support further evidence-based policy development on the research profession at European and national level.

The MORE 2 study a) conducts a survey on mobility patterns, career paths and working conditions of researchers currently working in Europe in higher education institutions (HEI) as well as of researchers currently working outside Europe; b) carries out case studies on the working conditions and career paths of early career researchers as well as on the remuneration of researchers in selected countries; c) develops and produce a set of internationally-comparable indicators on stocks, flows, working conditions and career paths of European researchers; and d) provides a comparative, policy-relevant analysis of the mobility patterns, working conditions and career paths of European researchers. The results update, improve and further develop the monitoring system for human resources policies and practices launched by the Commission in 2008 to support the design of actions both by the European Union and the Member States in those areas already identified as requiring urgent action to ensure that researchers across the EU benefit from the right training, attractive careers and removal of barriers to their mobility. UT share is 76.000 Euro.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Gonzalo Ordonez-Matamoros