Project description

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are increasingly utilized to support health care practices. These so-called eHealth innovations embrace complex communication platforms which facilitate the interaction between patients and various actors in the field of health care, or sensor environments that support healthy ageing and independent living of elderly or people with chronic diseases. These emerging innovations promise to increase the access, quality, and efficiency of health care. On the other hand, eHealth is expected to change existing roles and responsibilities between patients, their family members, doctors, health care providers and care personnel.

The Digitalize or Die-project addresses the question how ICT-based health innovations may contribute to new societal solutions in a responsible way. In particular, the project addresses the issue of Responsible Research and Innovation in eHealth innovation processes in Norway, USA, UK, Portugal and the Netherlands to compare different contexts and regions.

In the Dutch region Twente, a large number of health-related innovations are developed. Hence, in December 2016, Twente has been awarded as one of 74 European exemplary regions for active and healthy aging. In our study we take a look at the innovation ecosystem of the Twente region in the field of eHealth, analyze actor constellations, modes of innovations, new collaborations and shifting roles of actors. We focus on how aspects of Responsible Research and Innovation are addressed in the innovation process and how this relates to characteristics of the regional innovation eco-system. Our study is funded partly by the Research Council of Norway and partly by the province of Overijssel with a project duration from January - December 2017.


 The UT - Team working on the DoD project includes:

Dr. Verena Schulze Greiving
Dr. Kornelia Konrad

KORNELIA KONRAD, Assistant Professor, STePS

Dr. Paul Benneworth

PAUL BENNEWORTH, senior researcher, CHEPS

Prof. dr. Stefan Kuhlmann


Please contact Verena Schulze Greiving for any information on the running project.