Universidade Nova des Lisboa

New PhD programme on “Technology Assessment”

STəPS is the partnering organisation for a new for a 4-year Doctoral Programme on “Technology Assessment”. The Department of Applied Social Sciences (IET) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, offers extensive and intensive training in quantitative and qualitative research methods, on innovation and technology development topics, and on foresight and evaluation analysis. It is intended to provide advanced training to allow the qualified participation in processes of formulation, implementation, execution, follow-up and assessment of Science & Technology policies and strategies at the level of "Technology Assessment" and innovation.

This Doctorate (PhD) course is an alternative and advanced training scheme of large potential for technicians that are related with processes of technological choice or technological investments. In addition to the resident staff, the Faculty hosts guest professors from all over the world.

Both parts, IET and STəPS promote the exchange of undergraduate and post-graduate students for 1-6 months internships, or for study in regular courses. An exchange of visiting professors and researchers is also planned.

Interested students and colleagues can contact Evelien Rietberg (e.rietberg@utwente.nl) for further information.

IET is a multi-disciplinary research unit, located in FCT-UNL, a faculty in the area of engineering, science and technology. It develops its activities in the fields of industrial sociology, ergonomics, management systems, prospective analysis in innovation, economics, and organizational studies. This disciplinar skill allows the unit to develop different kinds of studies, but the common technical characteristic is related to the innovative systems, at the company (networks, management, mergers and competition frameworks, quality systems, strategy), and the labour systems level (organization, labour relations, ergonomics and safety, telework.

Early May Stefan Kuhlmann was invited to give a series of lectures at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova des Lisboa on STePS' way to conceptualise TA.

The lectures have been taped and put online: http://elearning.fct.unl.pt/kuhlmann.html

Further information on the IET in Lisbon: