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Prof.dr. R. Hoppe (Rob)

Emeritus Professor of Policy and Knowledge

Rob Hoppe
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede


Senior Non-residential Fellow
Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International 
Relations, American University Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon


Robert Hoppe (1950) holds B.A.’s in Sociology (1971) and Political Science (1971), and an M.A. (cum laude) in Political Science (1974) from Catholic (now: Radboud) University Nijmegen. In 1974-1986 he worked as assistant and associate professor of Political Science at the Free University Amsterdam. From this university he earned a Ph.D. in the social sciences. His dissertation was published under the title, Economic Affairs Drafts a New Policy. Policy Design and Decision Making on a Non-incremental Policy, Free University Press, 1983, for which he received the Dutch Association for Public Administration’s Annual Van Poelje Award for best dissertation of the year.

In 1986-1997 Hoppe was affiliated to the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Political and Socio-Cultural Sciences, as professor and chair of the department of Public Administration. In addition to other books and articles, in 1989 he co-authored (with dr. H. van de Graaf) the Dutch standard introductory textbook to policy science, Policy and Politics (Coutinho, Bussum, 1996, 3rd edition, available in Dutch only). In 1992-3 he spent a year as visiting professor and Fulbright Fellow at Rutgers University, New Jersey, doing research and teaching on issues of Science, Technology, Society and Public Policy.

In September 1997 he became professor of Policy Studies, esp. Knowledge and Public Policy, of Twente University’s Faculty of Management and Governance (later Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences), department of Public Administration. In September 2005 he joined the Department for Science, Technology and Policy Studies (STePS).

Upon retirement, in 2015, he became Senior Nonresidential Fellow of the American University of Beirut’s (AUB) Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Relations.

He also assumed the position of Chair of the Scientific Forum of the Knowledge Platform for Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health.


Fields of interest are comparative long term policy dynamics and innovation, esp. the role of technology; methodological and institutional implications of deliberative policy analysis; applications of Q Methodology; and the governance of expertise. At present, with Hal Colebatch (University of New South Wales, Sidney), Hoppe co-edits and co-authors a Handbook of the Policy Process (Edward Elgar) to appear in 2016/17. Hoppe is supervising Ph.D research projects on the role of ICT in global wildlife management, and in (drinking) water management in Tanzania; and integrated water management projects in Colombia. At AUB he is involved, with Professor Nasser Yassin, in a comparative policy research project on the role of civil society organizations in the public policymaking processes in a number of Arab countries.


Hoppe was responsible for (non-policy-sector-specialized) policy studies related courses in the bachelor and master programs in Public Administration. From 2006-2010 he taught bachelor-level courses in policy analysis for health sciences. He taught the master-level course Policy Analysis in the Public and Technological Domains, and the course on Deliberative Governance of Knowledge and Innovation in the Policy & Governance track of the MSc of Public Administration curriculum.

From 1997 till 2009 Hoppe taught a policy analysis course for mid-level professionals in the faculty’s Professional Master in Public Administration program.

At present, he teaches policy studies at the American University of Beirut’s (AUB) Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Relations and the Department of Health Management and Policy at AUB’S Faculty of Health Sciences.


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of a mobile App for rural water supply in Tanzania.
Water Alternatives 8(2): 57-76
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  • Robert Hoppe (and Jesper Katomero, and Anna Wesselink) 2016. Tales of Accountability: A Q Study of Discourses Among Tanzanian Members of Parliament (submitted to Journal of Modern African Studies)


  • International Political Science Association (IPSA), chair of Research Committee 32, Public Policy and Administration
  • Nederlandse Kring voor Wetenschap der Politiek (NKWP)
  • Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde (VB)
  • Wetenschap, Techniek en Moderne Cultuur (WTMC)
  • Institute of Governance Studies (IGS)
  • Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG)
  • Kennisplatform Electromagnetische Velden en Gezondheid

Other activities

  • Co-founder of the International Association of Public Policy
  • Policy Studies Journal (advisory member of the editorial board)
  • Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis (advisory member of the editorial board)
  • Critical Policy Studies (advisory member of the editorial board)
  • Beleidsonderzoek Online (adviserend lid van de redactie)
  • Jaarboek Kennissamenleving (lid redactieraad)
  • Country Reporter for the Netherlands, Sustainable Governance Indicators, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Guest Lecturing (domestically and abroad)
  • Consultancy Hoppe – Knowledge and Policy