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Research Evaluation Course 2021

A Training Course for Research Evaluators and Government Officials  

The Research Evaluation Course will be held in new online format in February 2021. Course dates will be confirmed soon.

More information on registration procedures, course programs and teachers will follow in due time.

The topic

Research evaluation occurs regularly. Governmental programs have ex-ante, midterm and final evaluations. Institutes, centres and people are evaluated. University research groups are assessed.

Research evaluation is important in terms of accountability, quality control, strategic decision making, and for identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and unintended consequences of research. Research evaluation has also become important in assessing the appropriateness of research policy measures, and for identifying systems failures.

The challenge to professional evaluators, and to government and other officials responsible for research evaluation, is to design and conduct tailor-made evaluation exercises that serve policy needs and strategic aims. The course builds on the methods and experiences in various research evaluation practices to show that research evaluation can be done systematically. It offers a catalogue of research evaluation methods, techniques and rationales, as a firm base for designing, assessing and envisioning its multiple uses in policymaking.


The course includes lectures by experts in research evaluation, study of case material
in small groups and international exchange of experiences. The aim is to provide:

  • introduction and overview of research evaluation frameworks, models and approaches
  • in-depth discussion of key issues and methods
  • systematic approaches to the design of research evaluation
  • insight in the use of research evaluation as a strategic policy tool

Who should attend?

  • Government officials who commission research evaluation studies, or are required to interpret the results of such studies
  • Actual or potential research evaluation professionals who want to improve their understanding and skills.

Experience in social science research, evaluation or with R&D policy is recommended.


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