The GIST Research Master is a full-time two-year English language program composed of 120 ECTS. Half of the program (60 EC) involves compulsory courses during the first year. The second year consists of specialization courses (45 EC) and a master thesis (15 EC). The program is divided into two years, and the years are divided into 4 quarters each. The courses build from basic to advanced courses and research colloquia. Key research and working skills will be developed in project study format. Skills ensure academic and professional work qualification. The three lines of study (Governance of Sciences and Innovations, Technology Dynamics and Assessment, and Governance in the History of Science and Technology) offer courses from all three STePS research themes. Students select one of the themes as their primary area of focus and ultimately write their master thesis in the context of that theme.

As a research master, the program addresses students who wish to carry out small-scale research projects, as well as offering space for professionals who want to combine reflection and research with more practical questions. For both groups, a project-based teaching approach is advantageous.

The project-based teaching approach means that students learn step by step to develop a research theme not only for their master thesis, but also in preparation for later applications for research funding. This makes our research master an extraordinary opportunity for ambitious students in a highly stimulating environment. Hence, this research master program explicitly aims at teaching students how to

  • reflect systematically and critically on GIST issues
  • carry out a research project
  • apply for research funding.

The program thus also serves as a solid foundation for potential PhD candidates. The final semester can be viewed as a stepping stone to subsequent education. The program is, however, self-contained, providing the tools, skills and experience required conducting social-scientific research and professional work in whole a variety of contexts.

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