Innovation and technology dynamics

Course description

The focus of this course is on the dynamics of technology and innovation on both macro and micro levels of analysis.

The course is organized in 7 interactive half-day workshops (attendance obligatory).
Topics to be addressed are: 1) Technological development and innovation as social processes; 2) Managing radical/disruptive/breakthrough innovations; 3) Organising for innovation: Organisational arrangements for sustained innovation; 4) Governing R&D alliances; 5) Technology acquisitions; 6) Technology and innovation dynamics from a macro perspective (1); 7) Technology and innovation dynamics from a macro perspective (2).

During the first hour of each workshop, the main theoretical concepts and implications of the topic will be introduced. Subsequently, three papers will be presented and discussed. Based on specific assignments, students will be asked to play an active role in the presentation and critical assessment of these papers.

Learning objectives:

The purpose of this course is to give students an advanced understanding of hot topics within the domain of technology and innovation management. After successful completion of this course the student is able to critically reflect on and deal with the literature in the fields of Technology dynamics, R&D management, NPD management and Innovation management.

Contact: K. Visscher, Prof. S. Kuhlmann