Research training project: designing the future

Course description

Developing technology and policies regarding technology and its impact on society always involve more or less articulated images of the future. This course aims to teach students theoretical approaches and methods to articulate these images so they can function as guidance for more specific policies on normative dilemma's and possibilities for directing of technology developments. Central to these methods is to provide an interactive learning process, where social responsibility and reflexivity of actors involved (engineers, policymakers, intermediate organizations) are crucial elements. In this course students will formulate a research trajectory where they learn to apply theoretical insights from technology dynamics and the normative assessment of technology into an empirically informed scenario analysis. Based on this analysis one of two future scenario┬┐s are designed.

Depending on the number and interests of the students, the scenario assignment can be done individually, however, a group project is preferred by the teachers.

Contact: mw. E.C.J. van Oost , F.J. Dijksterhuis