Governance of Technology

Course description

Understanding the dynamics of technological innovation and the co-evolution of technology and society is crucial for diagnoses of the developments as well as for good governance, of governments, firms, public organisations and social movements. This module provides such understanding by linking patterns in technology dynamics to the possibility of governance and by using concrete examples taken from our own research, technology policy practices and public debates on technology. New modes of governance and related practices are taught and critically assessed.

After this module the student is able to interpret concrete cases of technology development, innovation and social embedment of technology:

  • as cases of general patterns which can be understood by relevant theory;
  • as multilevel developments with short-term and long-term perspectives and local and global dimensions.

In addition the student is able to give a diagnosis which is of relevance for the key actors in the development of the technology.

Contact: mevr. M. Kirejczyk