Workshop PSTS

Course description

This course is built around a workshop in philosophy of technology. It is supervised by four philosophical staff members provided by the four institutes that participate in the master. Each supervisor brings in a paper written by him or her that is representative of his or her institute. Students study the papers and then divide in groups. Each group studies one of the papers in more detail. Supervision is done in part by electronic means; the supervisors meet the students at a workshop organized at the TU Delft. This workshop consists of a 'graduate conference' day, during which the students present and discuss their results. And the workshop consists of a more formal day, during which the supervisors plus other staff members of the participating institutes present paper. At this second day students report about the results of the first day. Students finish by writing papers. The objectives are to introduce students to the research specializations of the participating institutes, and to develop their writing and presenting skills.

Contact: Dr. P. Vermaas, Dr. E.C.J. van Oost