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STəPS and Master education

STePS offers specialization tracks in two master programmes:

  1. Specialization track Policy and Governance in the Master Programme of Public Administration (PA).
  2. Specialization track Science, Technology and Society (STS) in the Master programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS)

Teaching in Social Science Programmes of the Faculty MB

Public Administration (PA)
201100077 Policy Analysis in Public and Technological Domains

European Studies (EPA/ES)

201100076 Deliberative Governance of Knowledge and Innovation

Business Administration (BA)

194111500 Innovation and Technology Dynamics

191522000 Geschiedenis van de wiskunde /History of Mathematics

Teaching in Engineering Master Programmes:

Industrial Design Engineering (CTW / IO)

192850830 Create the Future

194111110 Gender Inclusive Design

Applied Mathematics (AM)

191522000 History of Mathematics

201200061(?) Philosophy of Science (EE)

Nanotechnology (NT)

193400170 Social Embedding of Nanotechnology

Science, Education Communications (SEC)

191522000 Geschiedenis van de wiskunde /History of Mathematics

Teaching in the Master Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS)

201200064 Science and Technology Studies

191622510 Technology and Social Order

191622630 Shaping Technology and Use

194111110 Gender Inclusive Design

201200061 Philosophy and History of Science and Technology

201300081 Assessment of Emerging Technologies

201300084 Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Science and Society

201300085 MasterLab 1

201400576 Philolab

Master Thesis projects

Master students who are interested in the themes that are elaborated in the STePS group can do a thesis project at the group. Please contact

More information on the courses can be found in Osiris