Study contract and Portfolio

This minor is structured to help you get the most out of your experience, both in terms of content as well as skill development. Instead of taking four stand-alone courses, you follow a continuous program of interactive lectures and discussion sessions (werkcolleges) in which attention is paid to historical development as well as developing the kinds of skills that can enhance your analytical and expressive (both written and spoken) abilities. You then have the opportunity to put what you’ve learned to use in the final portion of the minor in which you carry out a research project on a topic of your own choice – with us to guide you throughout the process, of course.

By joining the minor, you thus commit yourself to the successful completion of the programme. In exchange for your efforts, the teaching staff promises to provide regular and timely feedback to help you make the most of your experience, as well as offering the guarantee that you will successfully complete the minor and receive 20 EC, so long as you submit all required work. Our goal is to make clear from the start what is required of students and staff alike; once freed from worrying about what you need to do, you can focus on enjoying what the programme has to offer.


If the minor leaves you hungry for more, we invite you to join us after the conclusion of the minor for an extra, individualized programme for up to 7 EC. In collaboration with one or more instructors, you have the opportunity to pursue more in-depth research on a topic of your choice, leading to the composition of a final paper.