The minor: a schematic view






43, 46-47

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The rise of modernity

The revolutionary period

The harvest of modernity

Final assignment

Final symposium

Lessons for life

The primary goal of this minor is to help you discover where and how you fit in today’s world. Along the way you learn that modern society is not the product of an obvious or pre-planned process, but the historical outcome of, often unintended and always complex, interactions in which science and technology have come to have an increasingly prominent and problematic role.

In addition to building your knowledge of history, this minor focuses on enhancing the reflective and analytical skills that will make you a strong job candidate after graduation. You learn to go beyond the more mechanical and descriptive aspects of your work to understand the structures and processes that give them direction and form.

Instruction team

Prof. dr. L.L. Roberts – Cultural History, history of science and technology

dr. A.A. Albert de la Bruhèze – Political history, history of technology
e-mail: F.J. Dijksterhuis – History of science