For questions about the minor please contact,

dr. L.L. Roberts.
Capitool, A 212.
Secretariaat: ts. 3353.

Skill development during the minor

By the end of the minor students will have learned how to develop an analytical perspective and defend their position clearly and persuasively, both in discussion and in written form. Through their increased familiarity with the historical development of modern society, students will develop their ability to reflect more generally on complex situations, dissect their components and understand how various aspects relate to create a complex and dynamic whole. They will also learn to appreciate and analyze how various perspectives (including their own) color the way in which the past, present and future are described and acted upon.

In preparation for the job market, this minor helps students to rise above thinking in terms of standard categories, to recognize both the possibilities and limitations involved in their own chosen specialties. Students will have gained experience with working in an interdisciplinary environment with students and instructors from different backgrounds, strengths and approaches. Important also is the ability to analyze the arguments of others, to recognize their strong and weak points. Finally, students interested in a teaching career make acquaintance with innovative pedagogical practices and have a chance to experience first hand how they stimulate the learning process. Contentwise, they also learn how ‘discovery’ and ‘invention’ are often the result of a long process of collaboration and struggle rather than simply the product of individual genius.