Analyzing Technology in Societal Context

In this course you will learn various types of technological and societal innovations, from the great innovation booms in history to contemporary experiments for realizing concrete innovations. Examples of existent controversies will show that social science theory helps you to recognize and develop possibilities for management of innovation processes.
The course is divided in two parts. The first part consists of five classes dedicated to study various patterns of technological development. In the second part of the course connection is made with policy and management. Parallel to the lectures, students are expected to do five group assignments to get hands-on experience with applying concepts and theory to study concrete examples of recent technological developments related to the groups projects they do in the context of the course Advanced Technology-Project 1. Equally important, students are expected to make a concept-list in which they make summaries of the major concepts introduced in the lectures and the reader.

Contact: mrs Prof.Dr. N.E.J. Oudshoorn