Assessing collaborative networks for policy work: CHALLENGES of the Colombian agricultural research system

Date: 20 June 2018
Time: 12.30 - 13:45 hrs
Venue: Ravelijn, RA 1247
Speaker: Alejandro Balanzó Guzmán


Aiming at informing policy work, research focuses on analyzing collaboration patterns of the Colombian agricultural research system. Interpretation of results aim at assessing system governance, including variables impacting collaborative patterns according to recent Colombian policy settings, possibly expected policy outcomes and scientific practice.

Collaboration patterns in scientific production are observed through co-authorship networks, following Colombian scientific production corresponding to the period 2006-2016 in Web of Science. Most of studies show the behavior of researchers and their communities of interaction where the prestige of researchers and the strength of ties in the formed groups are observed. We argue that in terms of policies, the collaboration patterns can be also evaluated in terms of levels of development of different scientific agendas through different set of interacting and non-interacting groups. The concept and procedures of invisible colleges is presented as a methodology to improve the analysis of the relation between institutional collaboration networks, shared research agendas, geographical distribution and interdisciplinarity.

Policy implications include i) the need to deepen existing system monitoring and evaluation instruments in order to better understand collaborative patterns taking place; ii)  addressing  intermediation and translation functions and related products taking place within the system; iii) widening the scope for categories beyond disciplinary boundaries, in order to better support scientific challenges researchers are tackling; iv) collaborating with external actors that have a relevant support role in order to maximize research outcomes; and v) recognize the impact of other network stakeholders (e.g. ministry of education) in order to strategically address the policy network.    

Alejandro Balanzó Guzmán, PhD. Investigador Asociado (University of Twente & Universidad Externado de Colombia) 
Oscar Romero Goyeneche, M.Sc. Grupo de investigación Sociofísica y Econofísica (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Matías Ramírez, PhD. Senior Lecturer in Management (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit, Business and Management)
Jorge Robledo Velázquez, PhD. Profesor Titular (Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Medellín)
Gabriel Vélez Cuartas, PhD. Profesor Asociado (Universidad de Antioquia)