See 2017

23 November

Title: Urban Transport Infrastucture Development – Lessons and Challenges from India’s First Privately Financed Metro Project: The Gurgaon Metro Rail Link

Date: 23 November, 12.30-13.45
Venue: Ravelijn, RA 1315
Speakers: Dr. Adriana Kocornik

Transport infrastructure construction -- a risky and complex undertaking -- is essential for achieving economic, social and environmental objectives, among others. In India, the construction of transport infrastructure -- carried out largely by a resource-constrained public sector -- has not kept apace with demand. This infrastructure deficit can be in part explained by fiscal and financial constraints. For districts in particular, other determinants include multiple mandates, limited coordination, and rigid governance structures that limit local government participation in decision making and effective planning, and allow powerful interest groups to largely determined transport solutions. In this context, the presentation will critically examine the first privately financed metro rail project in the country -- the Gurgaon Metro Rail Link -- and articulate lessons for public actors, private developers, and society at large.