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24 February

Strategies for patent protection under Unitary Patent Package

Date: 24 February, 12.30-13.45
Venue: Ravelijn, RA 1247
Speakers: Dr. Jun Cheol Oh (University of Twente - KIPO)


Current fragmented patent system in Europe is far from efficient and cost effective, and has negatively impacted on innovation, growth, and the competitiveness of European business. For over 40 years, although the numerous attempts to unify the patent system and establish a specialized European court with jurisdiction over patents in Europe have failed, the Unified Patent Court Agreement was finally signed on February 2013. When the Unitary Patent Package enters into force from early 2017, the unitary effect will be given to the European IP right for the territory of 25 member states. Despite the advantages of a new system, the European patent with unitary effect is an additional option to obtain and enforce patent rights, and thus the new optional route might make the patent system more complicated. Thus, optimal strategies to protect invention depending on the field of technology, the strength of patent, patent value on the market, and cost need to be designed. In this colloquium, the understanding of Unitary Patent Package and filing strategies under new system will be presented and also Korean patent system will be introduced briefly.