Mechanical Engineering

module 6: Logic and Socratic debate
In this joint module for IO, TBK, and WB, students are introduced to logic and to Socratic debate techniques that stimulate critical reflection.

modules 11 & 12 Philosophy and technology & scientific integrity
In close connection to the course ‘Introduction to Technological Research’, in which students develop a research proposal for their bachelor assignment, in module 11 students will be introduced to both the philosophical issues underlying technological development and use, and to the ways in which technological development and use impacts traditional philosophical concepts and questions. Technology will come to be seen as more than a set of passive devices and instead be investigated as an active force in human life. Students will also be enabled to identify and analyze the ethical issues involved in scientific research and practice. Students will learn to think of science as not just an objective domain of facts and to think of scientists as not just objective pursuers of facts. Students will develop the ability to weigh the ethical costs against the scientific benefits of research and practice. In module 12, students will work on an appendix to their bachelor paper, reflecting on the scientific and societal dimensions and implications of their work.