Applied Mathematics

module 4: History of science
In the project of this module students in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics together build an electromagnetic experiment. As a part of this, they learn to reflect systematically and critically on the significance of this experiment for the development of knowledge about electromagnetism and on the relationship between physical concepts, phenomena, and mathematical analysis.

module 11: Reflection on graduation project and philosophy of science
In this course, students learn to translate a (technological) problem into a scientific research question; methodologies in scientific research and to reflect on their own approaches and basic assumptions; they learn about (different types and roles) of scientific explanation, formation and change of scientific concepts, and scientific modeling; the role of experimentation, instrumentation and computer simulation; the character of scientific disciplines and inter- or multi-disciplinary approaches to a problem; and they learn to critically reflect on the value (usefulness & relevance in a broader context) and validation of their scientific approaches.