module 11: History, philosophy and ethics of psychology
In this course, students reflect on the historical background, the ethical challenges and responsibilities, and the philosophical foundation of their discipline. The course starts with an introduction to major figures, concepts and theories in the history of psychology, from ancient Greece to today. The emphasis lies on how this background gives rise to particular approaches to psychology and the question of what kind of science psychology really is. Moreover, the course also introduces students to current debates in philosophy of psychology and related fields – especially philosophy of mind, philosophy of technology, and theories of knowledge. The course thus enables students to examine implications of the philosophical and historical background for the practice of psychology, its methodologies, and conceptions of human nature. On top of this, the course also introduces students to ethical challenges and professional duties particular to the discipline of psychology. This includes the Dutch codes of ethics (NIP codes), tools for ethical analysis, as well as challenging moral scenarios discussed in the seminars.