Biomedical Technology:

modules 1 and 2: Scientific reasoning and methodology
In module 1, students learn to recognize the role of scientific research in technological design. Module 2 focuses on ‘how to think as a scientific researcher’: scientific reasoning and methodology. Keywords are: Induction, Deduction, Falsification; the Hypothetical-deductive model of scientific method; Correlation versus Causation; Epistemic criteria and pragmatic criteria for the acceptance of knowledge; Scientific models; the Role of literature research in scientific research.

module 5: Biomedical ethics
The general objective of the lectures is to enable students to identify and analyze the ethical implications of biomedical technologies, using research on human embryonic stem cells and cell biology in general as empirical cases. Students are shown how to critically reflect on their prior lessons and experiences by equipping them with the reflective and reasoning tools to do so. The course explores what ethics is and studies the main normative theories of ethics: deontology, consequentialism and virtue ethics.