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Business and Information Technology

Business and Information Technology:

module 4: Ethics of data & information
The reflection component of this module on Data and Information is designed to model ethical reflection as applied to a software engineering project. Students will be introduced to critical thinking and reasoning applied to issues relevant at different stages of development. In addition to lectures about topics directly relevant to the students’ software projects, the reflection component also includes interactive seminars in which students engage with challenging ethical scenarios.  

module 7: Corporate social responsibility
Students learn to reflect on the goals and values of a business project, and on the ways in which product and business are embedded in a larger context, which involves science, technology, industry, and government. They develop a strategy to support the societal embedding of an innovation, and a well-argumented and balanced view on the relations between profit and social responsibility.

modules 11-12: Reflection on computer science and design
This module will enable students to reflect systematically and critically on the philosophical, ethical and social issues raised by their graduation projects. The first part of the course is connected to a design project and focuses on issues related to the philosophy, ethics and sociology of design, providing tools for acknowledging and anticipating the impact and the meaning of a design on users, environment and society. The second part of the course, connected to the graduation project, focuses on reflexive issues on the role of science in society and academic integrity. The exact topics addressed in the course will be aligned with the various graduation projects offered to the students