Wim van Harten
Quality Management of Health Care Technology

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Wim H. van Harten spent 7 years after his graduation as M.D. in tropical medicine. On returning from Cameroon, Africa he decided to focus on public health and health administration. He obtained a degree in community medicine while working as a chief medical advisor of a major health insurance company (1986-1992). As a chief executive officer in rehabilitation hospital “Het Roessingh” (1992-2001) in Enschede, he finished his Ph.D. on quality management (1997).

In June 2001 he started as a member of the executive board of the National Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (NKI-AVL) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, responsible for Organisation & Management.

Since 2001 he is part-time professor on the chair “Quality Management of Health Care Technology at the department of Health Technology and Services Research of the School of Management and Governance at the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Publications are in the field of needs assessment, outcome measurement & management, methodology and results of research into the effects of Quality management.

Curriculum Vitae

1979 -1981

Internships and education in tropical medicine (Ede/Amsterdam/KIT)

1981 -1985

Doctor in tropical medicine in Southwest Cameroon

1986 -1992

Chief Medical Advisor for health insurance company Oost Nederland

1992 -2004

Member of the Board, Executive Director of Rehabilitation Hospital ”Het Roessingh”, Enschede

2001 - ….

Member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Netherlands Cancer Institute –Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital in Amsterdam


PhD-degree, Rotterdam

2001 - ….

Part-time professor on the chair “Quality Management of Health Care Technology” at the faculty of Technology and Management of the University Twente


In the framework of professorship activities, research is being performed in possibilities to enhance the operational quality of institutions and care chains. Translating theories on operations and technology from business to healthcare is an important subject. Also there is involvement in subjects such as entrepreneurship, strategy, safety and business ethics.


Involvement in education activities, mainly focused on the master-phase. International Health Strategy issues, the hospital of the future and quality and safety are two reading series in which he is extensively involved.

Furthermore students are coached – mostly in the abovementioned research- and/or education subjects during their master or bachelor assignments.

Other activities

  • Lid bestuur OECI (Organisation European Cancer Institutes, president elect)
  • Lid Raad van Commissarissen Agendia BV
  • Lid Bestuur NVZ (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ziekenhuizen)
  • Lid bestuur Centramed
  • Lid Beleidsadviescommissie KNMG
  • Harten W.H. van
  • Werkgroep Indicatoren (voorzitter). Nationaal Programma Kankerbestrijding.
  • September 2004 -
  • Voorzitter Begeleidingscommissie Zon-Mw project: Progamma Evaluatie in de Revalidatie “Transform”2004 - ….
  • Serie CVZ-Workgroups “Richtsnoer Proces Hulpmiddelenvoorziening”(voorzitter).
  • Diemen, oktober 2003 – februari 2005.
  • Voorzitter Commissie Kwaliteit en Veiligheid. Onderlinge Schadeverzekering voor Ziekenhuizen: Centramed.
  • Lid redactie “Patientveiligheid”, boek verschijnt ultimo 2005.