Free online seminars on MCDA organized by HTSR in April 2014

The Basics and Application of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis in

Healthcare Decision Making


Multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) can support decision makers in healthcare make more structured, consistent and transparent decisions. However, each MCDA method has distinct advantages and disadvantages, and guidance on what MCDA method to use is lacking. This free online seminar aims to inform healthcare decision makers and researchers about MCDA through three interactive sessions with experienced researchers in the field of MCDA and healthcare. The first session will introduce MCDA and its application in healthcare. The second session will be a practical demonstration of MCDA tool designed to support group decision making. In the final session methodological issues with regard to choosing an MCDA method will be discussed.

The seminars will be given by experienced researchers from the department of Health Technology and Services Research (HTSR) at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. As a department HTSR specializes in scientific research towards clinical and economic outcomes of (emerging) medical technology and the efficient organization of health care. The department is part of the School of Management and Governance and our research is embedded in the MIRA institute for Biomedical Technology & Technical Medicine (MIRA) and the Institute for Governance Studies (IGS). Furthermore, we collaborate in the research centre Health Operations Improvement & Research (CHOIR).

Registration and practical information

Dates for the sessions are 8, 16 and 23 April. All sessions start at 5 PM CET (i.e. 4 PM GMT, 11 AM EDT and 8 AM PDT).

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It is also possible to physically join the seminars in Enschede, the Netherlands. If you are interested in this, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through

The presenters

m.j. ijzerman

Maarten J. IJzerman is full professor and head of the department of Health Technology & Services Research (HTSR) of the University of Twente. Known for his interest in translational research and technology development, most of his work is on applying and developing outcomes research methods to early stages of development. Maarten IJzerman has an adjunct position as clinical professor of PM&R at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH USA. Since February, 2013 he is projectleader at CRP-Santé in Luxemburg responsible for initiating and developing a center for health economics and personalized medicine. Since May 2013, he is a member of the ISPOR board of directors.

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j. van til

Janine van Til joined HTSR in January 2008 as an assistant professor. Janine’s research expertise is the elicitation of multi-criteria patient preferences for disease and health care management innovations. Her research interests are focused on the relationship between stated and revealed patient preferences and actual decision making, and into the agreement between patient preferences for disease and health care management and perceived quality of health care.

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m. hummel

The main theme in Marjan’s research focuses on constructive technology assessment to support the management of medical technology. It aims to change the development and application of a medical technology to improve its later adequacy in clinical practice. The method is based on panel discussions between the various parties involved in technological development and application. The discussions focus on the evaluation of the medical technology with regard to technical, medical and social requirements. The analytic hierarchy process provides quantitative support to the comparison of the adequacy of alternative technologies with regard to quantitative and qualitative requirements.

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c.g.m. Groothuis-Oudshoorn

Karin (C.G.M.) Groothuis-Oudshoorn is a biostatistician and has broad experience in developing and applying statistical techniques in (public) health, medicine and rehabilitation. She works as assistant professor at the University of Twente. Her research interests are methodology on multi-criteria (patient) preferences for disease and health care management, conjoint analysis, the role and impact of uncertainty in MCDA, missing data with multiple imputation and Bayesian methods.

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Henk Broekhuizen graduated from the master Health Sciences (cum laude) with a thesis on quantitative benefit-risk assessments using probabilistic MCDA. There is increasing pressure on decision makers to increase transparency in (pharmaceutical) benefit-risk assessments. Furthermore, there is growing interest in using patient preferences in such assessments. Quantitative benefit-risk assessment models may help regulators combine these two sources of evidence. Henk's research will focus on the possibility of using quantitative models in benefit-risk assessments and on the development of these models.

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