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Breast cancer: Global Quality Care book presentation

On the 7th of December a new book about the worldwide improvement of care for breast cancer was presented: "Breast cancer: Global Quality Care". The book provides an integral overview of global and local initiatives and recommendations to achieve an integrated organization of care for patients with breast cancer. All aspects of care, from screening and initial complaints, to diagnostics and treatment, and aftercare and follow-up are discussed.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Siesling, who works at IKNL and the department of HTSR at the University of Twente, has contributed to the book as a co-editor and has co-authored chapters on issues including breast cancer epidemiology, quality of care (registration and improvement), organization of care, role of general practitioner and technological developments.

Sabine Siesling explains: “In the book, the current state of affairs and recommendations are given in the light of the various (financial) possibilities and limitations that countries have. We start with the question: How do I organize high quality care - in this case breast cancer - while taking into account the budget, which is for example different in Belgium than in India. Many aspects play a role in making decisions about the organization of care, such as the economy, location, IT, quality assurance, multidisciplinary organization of care and the role of media. The central question of the book is: How do you optimize your budget and take into account the environment in the best way? ”

The book also provides insight into the use of accreditation and certification in the organization of care. The impact that for instance the recent developments in patient empowerment, implementation of new technologies or transition of social values can have on the best standard for care in breast cancer are also discussed. Top experts from 25 countries on five continents have contributed to the book. The book is written for healthcare providers, but also governments, hospitals, general practitioners and quality agencies. From the Netherlands, a number of IKNL employees, epidemiologists / researchers and various clinicians, including the chairmen of the National Breast Cancer Consultation Netherlands (NABON) and the NABON breast cancer audit, participated. Sabine Siesling is proud of the end result: "We have worked hard for more than two years and I hope the book provides inspiration from different perspectives for improving care for breast cancer patients around the world."

The book can be ordered here.