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ZonMW Parelproject "Als niet alles is wat het lijkt"

On November 15, 2019, prof. Dr. An Reyners from the UMCG Groningen received a ZonMw Pearl on behalf of Ligare from ZonMw director Henk Smid for the project "Als niet alles is wat het lijkt" . That happened during the 25th Oncology Days of the Netherlands and Flanders in Hotel Papendal, Arnhem. ZonMw is of the opinion that the project has given substance to the objective that healthcare professionals experience less agitation in their dealings with patients and loved ones with regard to meaning and meaning during the palliative phase. In addition, ZonMw is impressed by the developed digital learning workplace. With this digital learning workplace, multidisciplinary care about spirituality can be implemented in the care process. The department of Health Technology and Services Research, more specifically dr. Janine van Til and drs. Berdine Koekoek contributed to this project by incorporating the patient perspective on the role of health care providers in palliative care. 

The project "Als niet alles is wat het lijkt" has provided an impressive digital learning workplace to improve care providers' attention to meaning in the palliative phase of life. Through a unique collaboration, spiritual caregivers and caregivers have learned to speak each other's languages. A nice side effect is that working on spirituality improves the working climate within teams. There is a clear need for practical support with regard to questions of meaning in (palliative) care and organizations elsewhere in the Netherlands are showing a great deal of interest in getting started with the digital workplace.