Abstracts and bio's

Abstracts and bio's


Various aspects in the introduction of personalized medicine (PM) are still in development and can shape the diffusion scenarios for various diseases and treatments. For the cancer field, this ranges from (lack of) consensus on the exact choice and number of panel genes to preparedness of payers to cover off-label drugs resulting from sequencing on “omics” related analysis.

We will shortly present findings from a survey among oncology experts on these aspects and its effects on implementation and diffusion on variants.

The macro impact of these developments in Personal Medicine on healthcare costs is not clear; the costs of diagnostics is reducing fast leading to sharp selection of therapeutic subgroups, whereas the new prices of pharmaceutical products are sky-high. It is thus unclear what its effect on the total expenditure growth will be.

As input for the panel session, some issues like projected cost development, possible cost-savings and implementation in national health systems will be dealt with.