17. Socio-economic impact of motivational interviewing on adherence to orthopedic shoes


Orthopedic shoes, motivational interviewing, adherence


This project is aligned with the Power4FitFoot project, supporting a multidisciplinary based approach of diabetic foot equipment and care: a novel fitting procedure for orthopaedic shoes, focussing on the health and economic effects of the equipment for diabetic foot care and behavioural aspects to personalize and tailor the orthopaedic equipment to patients. To examine the added value of the novel full care process we apply health economic methods to assess the effects on quality of life (risk complications, patient satisfaction) and economic outcomes (costs of equipment, costs of care process) and the effects on adherence to the equipment, using sensor technology built in shoes and a sensor bracelet to monitor adherence. The findings of the study will be implemented in the 200 locations for diabetic foot healthcare.


ZonMw, ZGT, HTSR, Voetencentrum Wender, VoetMax


2019 - 2021

Contact person(s) in the SMHA lab:

Christina Bode, Manon Jongebloed-Westra