15. Cross-cultural translation and validation of the IBD-control questionnaire in the Netherlands


Inflammatory bowel disease,  questionnaire, disease control, patient perspective, psychometrics


The ‘IBD-control’ is a short questionnaire developed in  the United Kingdom to measure disease control in inflammatory bowel disease from the patient’s perspective.  The IBD-control showed to be a rapid measurement tool with the ability to identify IBD patients with good disease control. Goal of the project is to cross-culturally translate the IBD-control for use in the Netherlands, and validate the Dutch version in the IBDREAM , a prospective multicentre IBD registry. The IBD-control has been translated into Dutch using a standard forward-backward translation procedure, and a cognitive pre-test was performed with five patients using the Three-Step Test Interview method. The final version of The Dutch IBD-control is evaluated for test-retest reliability, validity and responsiveness in 998 patients with IBD who participate in IBDREAM.  In this registry patient reported outcomes and clinical data are routinely collected.




2015 - 202

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Erik Taal