14. Clinician perspectives in the development of a computer-assisted instrument for the assessment of personality disorders: Learnability, clinical utility and ease of use


This doctoral project explores clinicians’ experiences, preferences and evaluations of using semi-structured clinical interviews for the assessment of personality disorders. The project consists of two separate rounds of interviews with clinicians and one systematic literature review. The present project is part of the ongoing research project funded by the Research Council of Norway: “Supporting Specialized Psychiatric Care in Remote Areas: A Computer Adaptive Diagnostic Interview for Personality Pathology” (hereafter referred to as “PersoniCAT project”) at the Department of Research and Development, Clinic for Mental Health and Addiction at Oslo University Hospital. The main goal of aforementioned research project is to develop an interview-based computerized adaptive test that can be implemented for use to aid clinicians in remote areas in diagnosing personality disorders. The development of this instrument will be informed by the findings of the proposed doctoral project.


Oslo University Hospital, Namsos Hospital, University of Twente


2019 - 2022

Contact person(s) in the SMHA lab:

Christina Bode (first part of the project)