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Positive Psychology & Technology

Welcome to the Positive Psychology & Technology Lab!

The Positive Psychology and Technology lab aims at developing and evaluating devices and positive psychology interventions that enable people to live engaged, meaningful and pleasant lives, also in the presence of life-adversities such as mental health issues and chronic pain. Major topics of interest are: compassion, psychological flexibility, gratitude, savoring and flourishing. The lab applies innovative experience sampling methods, experiments and intervention trials, yielding knowledge about positive emotions, positive behavior, resilience, well-being, technology, and their interrelationships. Moreover, the studies investigate how technologies and devices can be developed and implemented in an engaging, meaningful and pleasant way, in order to be fully adopted.

Exemplary research projects


Monitoring resilience mechanisms in daily life

IGS Research Institute, University of Twente

Hester Trompetter

How can we support partners of cancer patients


Nadine Kohle

Positive technology: What is the added value of gamification?

Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS)

Saskia Kelders


Recent Papers