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Analyzing the Uptake of an eHealth Technology

What is determing the uptake of eHealth technology?

Several examples of research questions that can determine the uptake of eHealth technology are:

How is the eHealth technology being used over a sustained period of time?

  • How are the system’s features and functions used in terms of frequency?
  • How are the system’s features and functions used in terms of usage patterns?

Who is motivated and capable of using the eHealth technology?

  • Who are the ‘hardcore’ users?
  • Who are the ‘drop-outs’?

What factors explain the usage behaviour?

  • What are reasons for hardcore (sustained) use, or dropout? How do the features and functions of the technology support the use of the technology and the satisfaction with it?
  • What elements of the technology contributed to the effects that were found?
  • Did the users notice the technology’s persuasive elements? And did these persuasive elements work?

As mentioned before, multiple methods can be used, depending on the goal of the evaluation. Sometimes, the same method is used for both impact and uptake purposes.

What is the aim of determining the uptake of an eHealth technology?

The results of this sub phase may provide insight into the effects of an eHealth technology. Also, results can be used to make changes to the technology itself. If it becomes apparent that some features of the technology aren't used at all then this should be adapted. Furthermore, evaluatation can be used to form theory about eHealth, for example, about the added value of persuasive featres or predictors of dropout.