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Determining Concrete Activities to Implement the eHealth Technoogy in Practice

What is determining concrete activities to implement the eHealth technology in practice?

The plan to operationalize eHealth should contain concrete methods. These methods can have different goals, for example, making potential users aware of the existence of the technology, persuading them to use it, and supporting them in continuing to use it. Some possibilities are:

  • Pilot programs. A part of an organization starts using the eHealth technology. One aim of this is to make the entire organization aware of the existence and to show potential benefits of the technology.
  • Advocates of the technology. During operationalization, it can be beneficial to have advocates of the technology who make their peers aware of and enthusiastic about the eHealth technology. Involving stakeholders in the development and implementation process are often committed to the technology and have much knowledge of it, which makes them good advocates.
  • Presentations. The final eHealth technology can be introduced to the entire organization by means of presentations that provide potential users with information and the possibility to ask questions.

These methods are just some examples, but finding out the right implementation method requires some creativity and input from stakeholders who are acquainted with the context. Inspiration can also be gained from comparable projects, which can be found in literature, via desk research, or by contacting persons with relevant experience.

What is the aim of determining concrete activities?

The aim of this sub phase is to translate the plan for the operationalization in the previous phase to concrete activities to implement the eHealth technology in practice.