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Check Whether the Outcomes of Previous Phases Have Been Accounted For

What is checking the outcomes of previous phases?

This aspect of the formative evaluation mainly focuses on ensuring that there is a clear relationship between the content and output of the separate phases. The responsibility for this lies with the development team. No concrete methods are prescribed for this, it depends on the nature of the project and the preferences of the project team. However, it is essential that every member of the development team is aware of the decisions that are being made. Another requirement is that in every eHealth development project, a thorough, transparent documentation of the activities and outcomes of each phase should be created for a proper formative evaluation. If the documentation isn’t clear, it is hard to retrieve what the main outcomes of previous phases were, and what the grounds for specific decisions were. Deciding on whether the outcomes of the current phase match those of previous phases can be achieved by means of methods like focus groups or meetings with the development team and/or stakeholders.

What is the aim of checking outcomes of previous phases?

The aim of this sub phase is to continuously check the outcomes of the distinct phases by using a number of methods. This allows to adjust the development process while the technology is still being developed.