23 September 2016

Emmeline van der Scheer

Data-based decision making put to the test

8 juli 2016

Marieke van Geel en Trynke Keuning

Implementation and effects of a schoolwide data-based decision making intervention: a large-scale study

24 maart 2016

Inga Schwabe

Nature, nurture, and item response theory: a psychometric approach to behaviour genetics

Januari 2016

Sebastiaan de Klerk

Multimedia-based performance assessment in Dutch vocational education

Khurrem Jehangir

Maaike van Groen

Saskia Wools


27 november 2014

Kitty van Gendt

Dissectie en observatie: visueel toetsen van visueel leren

20 november 2014

Connie Nshemereirwe

The relationship between pre-university schooling and university grades in Uganda

19 november 2014

Maarten Marsman

Plausible values in statistical inference

4 juli 2014

Liseth Siemons

Measuring disease activity in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis

25 juni 2014

Martijn Oude Voshaar

Application of item response theory to physical function assessment in rheumatoid arthritis


3 oktober 2013

Qiwei He

Text mining and IRT for psychiatric and psychological assessment

27 september 2013

Caroline Timmers

Computer-based formative assessment: Variables influencing student feedback behavior


6 december 2012

Marianna Avetisyan

Bayesian Randomized Item Response Modeling for Sensitive Measurements

16 november 2012

Josine Verhagen

Bayesian Item Response Theory Models for Measurement Variance

30 maart 2012

Guido Makransky

Computerized Adaptive Testing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

23 maart 2012

Hanneke Geerlings

Psychometric Methods for Automated Test Design


25 november 2010

Iris Egberink

Applications of Item Response Theory to Non-Cognitive Data


16 december 2009

Anke Weekers

Modeling typical performance measures

9 december 2009

Muhammad Naveed Khalid

IRT model fit from different perspectives

25 maart 2009

Marjolein Brusse-Keizer

COPD exacerbations: treatment and outcome

22 januari 2009

Rinke Klein Entink

Statistical models for responses and response times


7 september 2007

Oksana Korobko

Comparison of examination grades using item response theory: a case study

26 april 2007;

Angela Verschoor

Genetic algorithms for automated test assembly


15 december 2005;

Jonald Pimentel

Item response theory modeling with nonignorable missing data

30 september 2005;

Anna Dagohoy

Person fit for tests with polytomous responses

23 september 2005

Adelaide Ariel

Test-item bank design and management

3 maart 2005

Henk Moelands (externe promotie Cito)

Schoolzelfevaluatie. Het evalueren van en door scholen

22 maart 2005

Rebecca Holman (externe promotie met AMC)

Item response theory in clinical outcome measurement


12 maart 2004

Eggen, T.J.H.M. (externe promotie Cito).

Contributions to the theory and practice of computerized adaptive testing

3 november 2004

Hendrawan, I.

Statistical tests of item response models: Power and robustness


21 maart 2003
Kuijpers, M.A.C.T.
Loopbaanontwikkeling: Onderzoek naar ‘Competenties’

5 september 2003
Sotaridona, L.S.
Statistical Methods for the Detection of Answer Copying on Achievement Tests


10 januari 2002
Shalabi, F.
Effective schooling in the Westbank

7 juni 2002

Holmes, P.

Multiple Evaluation Versus Multiple Choice as Testing Paradigm… Feasibility, Reliability and Validity in Practice


7 september 2001:
Fox, J. P.
Multilevel item response theory: A Bayesian perspective on estimating parameters and testing statistical hypotheses.

19 april 2001
van Krimpen-Stoop, E. M. L. A.
Detecting of misfitting item-score patterns in computerized adaptive testing.

30 maart 2001
Veldkamp, B.P.
Principles and methods of constrained test assembly.


12 mei 2000
Beguin, A.
Robustness of equating high-stakes tests.


17 december 1998

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Studies on statistical models for polytomously-scored test items.

3 april 1998

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Educational effects: A simulation-based analysis.


23 januari 1997

Veerkamp, W.J.

Computerized adaptive testing


18 april 1996:

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Testing hypotheses on cognitive processes using IRT models.


8 december 1994:

Vos, H.J.

Simultaneous optimization of test-based decisions in education


10 december 1993

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The solution-error response-error model: A method for the examination of test item bias


21 juni 1991

de Jong, J.H.A.L.

Defining a variable of foreign language ability: An application of item response theory


23 november 1990

Adema, J.J.

Models and algorithms for the construction of achievement tests


14 december 1989


E. Models for computerized test construction

7 december 1989

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Parameter estimation in the logistic item response model

19 januari 1989

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Educational Assessment: Monitoring, evaluation, and the curriculum

12 oktober 1989

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Contributions to estimating and testing Rasch models


15 september 1988

van der Burg, E.

Nonlinear canonical correlation and some related techniques


12 juni 1987

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Quasi-loglinear models for test and item analysis