Presentations at the 34th workshop on IRT

November 26 - 27, 2019 the 34th workshop on IRT was held in the U Parkhotel at the University of Twente. Here you can find the presentations:

Bechger, T. (2019). Bayesian inference in large-scale multistage testing

Braeken, J. (2019). Making fixed-precision between-item multidimensional CATs even shorter by reducing the asymmetry between selection and stopping rules

Brinkhuis, M. (2019). Governing games: adaptive game selection in the Math Garden

Emons, W. (2019). Errors in norming, linking, and equating

Fox, G.J.A. (2019). Bayesian measurement invariance testing and Simpson’s paradox

Hessen, D.J. (2019). Random effects and extended generalized partial credit models

Kamphuis, F. & Engelen, R. (2019). A state space approach for estimating student growth percentile estimation

Koops, J. (2019). Tidy IRT

Partchev, I. (2019). Visualizing DIF when the number of groups is large

van Rijn, P. (2019). The impact of scoring, timing, and feedback on the measurement of quantitative reasoning

Smits, N. (2019) Alternative approaches to non-normality in Item Response Theory

Steinrücke, J. & Veldkamp, B.P. (2019) Unobtrusive assessment of information literacy skills in a digital serious game

Stillwell, D. (2019). A Zero-item personality test? Predicting personality traits from social media data

Xiao, Y. (2019). Exploring latent states of problem-solving competence using hidden Markov modeling on process data