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Master Human Factors & Engineering Psychology

The one year Psychology master specialization Human Factors & Engineering Psychology provides students with an in-depth understanding of human cognition and behaviour, in order to design, improve and adapt products, processes and systems to complement human behaviour and capabilities. From healthcare to the automotive industry, and from memory and attention to usability, this specialization covers a wide variety of topics. After successfully completing this specialization, students are able to apply advanced methodologies relevant for research problems in the field of human factors and engineering, such as eye tracking, EEG, and advanced statistics for design researchers.

In the HFE master, we offer the courses Human Factors in Healthcare, Advanced Research Methods for Human Factors & Engineering Psychology, User Psychology, and Traffic Psychology

The contact person for the Human Factors & Engineering Psychology Master specialization is Marlise Westerhof – m.w.westerhof@utwente.nl.

We offer various thesis and internship assignments for the Human Factors & Engineering Psychology, see our webpage thesis & internships

You can find more information about our master specialization on our website: Human Factors & Engineering Psychology | Psychology (utwente.nl)