Study programme

Study Programme

First year

In the first year of our two-year Research Master’s Programme, you will be provided with a strong foundation in research methodology and applied statistics. You will also experience how methodology and statistics can contribute to research performed in the behavioural, biomedical and social sciences.

Second year

In the second year, you will undertake a traineeship and write a thesis. Here you start to specialise in the research area that interests you most by choosing your own combination within the fields of statistics for the lifesciences, the social and behavioural sciences and psychometrics or educational testing. Typically this will be in a collaborative project with other disciplines, reflecting the setting in which modern research is done. In addition, you will be involved in the statistical consultancy activities of our departments. You are free to choose whether you perform the traineeship/thesis within one of the collaborating departments or outside, in a company or organisation that is closely linked with our departments.

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