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Special features of the programme

Special features of the programme 

Broad range of state-of-the-art statistical methods and techniques

The Utrecht Department of Methodology and Statistics specialises in survey research, randomised response and population size estimation, random effect models and Bayesian data analysis. The Utrecht Department of Biostatistics is part of the University Medical Center and focuses on clinical trials and meta analysis, high dimensional data and causal inference. The areas of expertise of the Twente Department of Research Methodology, Measurement Methods and Data Analysis are measurement models, survey research and Bayesian analysis.

Broad network of institutes yields plenty of traineeship and job opportunities.

The combined research expertise of the three departments results in an exceptionally broad choice of traineeship opportunities and thesis topics. The departments have links with TNO, CITO, CBS, CBG-MEB, Danone, Medisch Spectrum Twente, MSD, Abbott and RIVM. These connections provide an excellent network that will be very helpful in your further career.

Interactive learning environment and explicit attention to skills in scientific communication, oral presentation and discussion and research ethics.

The programme offers a strong foundation in research methodology and applied statistics while allowing specialisation in individual interests

In the first year all students follow the same programme, but in the second year there is ample opportunity to explore your own interests in the elective course, the traineeship and the thesis. This allows you to specialise in the medical or the behavioural sciences direction.

Master thesis: suitable for submission

The supervision of the traineeship and thesis is strongly connected with the Research Seminars, which offer all the tools and skills necessary to become a good researcher. Consequently, the theses are of high quality and are suitable for submission in renowed peer-reviewed statistics journals. 

Exchange agreement wit Budapest and Ljubljana

In progress; information will be provided as soon as possible.