Monitoring the Performance Agreements of Dutch higher education institutions

Until March 2017, CHEPS supported the Review Committee that has been overseeing the performance agreements that were a feature of the Netherlands higher education governance and funding framework system during the period 2012-2016. Each individual higher education institution had such an agreement that included targets related to teaching, the institutional profile and research priority areas. An important goal of the agreements was to improve education quality and the study success of students.

The Review Committee consisted of five independent experts, chaired by professor Frans van Vught. Its decisions and annual monitoring reports were prepared by a secretariat, including three CHEPS researchers (Jongbloed, Kaiser and Westerheijden). The activity was funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and facilitated by the National Platform Science & Technology.

The committe's 2017 evaluation report concluded that many of the targets set in 2012 have been achieved and a large number of policies to improve study success rates have been implemented.

Contact persons at CHEPS are: Ben Jongbloed, Frans Kaiser and Don Westerheijden.

More information and readings (in Dutch):

Prestatieafspraken: het vervolgproces na 2016
Advies van de Reviewcommissie Hoger Onderwijs en Onderzoek over het vervolg op de prestatieafspraken die in 2012 met hogescholen en universiteiten zijn gemaakt (February 2017).

Van afvinken naar aanvonken
Rapport over de evaluatie van de prestatiebekostiging hoger onderwijs (March 2017).