Drop-out and completion in higher education (HEDOCE)

This project concerned mapping policies, instruments and experiences about study success, completion and drop-out in higher education across Europe, Australia and the USA. Next to an up-to-date literature review (including national “grey literature”) an analytical framework was developed to analyse the policy impact on study success at national and institutional level. Detailed data were collected through a network of national experts in the countries covered. The main outcomes are relevant policy overviews, knowledge on effective policies (within their contexts), an innovative set of indicators in relation to study success, policy recommendations and good practice examples.

The project was undertaken in 2014 and 2015 in partnership with the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) and was funded by DG Education and Culture of the European Commission

Contact person for HEDOCE at CHEPS is Hans Vossensteyn.