Global Science Spaces Project

The Global Science Spaces (GSS) project aimed to examine the diversity of global science spaces as hybrid physical, political-ideological and cultural forms. By investigating on how global labour markets and knowledge flows interact with patterns of international diplomacy and ideas about science, architecture and planning to create distinctive science landscapes around the world, the project focused on six national comparative case studies: Science Vale UK, Oxfordshire; Kennispark, Netherlands; Daedeok Innopolis, South Korea; Silicon Valley, US; Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan; and Singapore Science Park. The project was funded by The Leverhulme Trust, more formally under the title 'Global Science Scapes: Dimensions of Transnationalism'. It was conducted from September 2014 to February 2017.

Contact persons at CHEPS are Paul Benneworth and Franziska Eckardt.

More information and readings:

Benneworth, P. S., & Eckardt, F. (2017). Kennispark Twente as Global Science Scape. (GSS working paper; No. 5). Oxford, UK: Global Science Spaces (GSS)