Irena Kuzmanoska

This PhD study is about the deans in Slovenia and Macedonia; the life of the Slovenian and Macedonian university as seen through the eyes of their deans.  The leadership managerial styles of the Slovenian and Macedonian deans are of paramount concern for this research project. This said, the unknown known provides a window into the deans’ behavior, roles, leadership managerial styles, things we know that we know, things that we know we don’t know and things we don’t know we don’t know

The value of this study is that it contributes to strengthening and empowerment of deans’ own leadership capacity to deal with behavioural complexities in managing their faculties. Under the wave of reforms, the deans are supposed to take more assertive and powerful role in order to become more responsive to major changes in and outside the faculty. As such, the dean as academic modern manager is faced with a much more complex constituency requiring wider repertoire of behaviour to effectively meet competing demands.

The study is especially relevant for higher education policy makers, higher education institutional management, acting and future deans.