Habtamu Diriba Garomssa

This PhD study pertains to the global diffusion of entrepreneurial university model and its subsequent reformulation and adaptation by a diverse group of actors (i.e. HEIs) that are embedded in contrasting socio-cultural, political and economic systems. The idea is to enrich our understanding of the entrepreneurial university phenomenon by exploring 1) the various forms entrepreneurialism could take as it navigates diverse institutional spheres and 2) the potential “context-entrepreneurial form” relationship that could arise. The study will take the perspective of organizational institutionalism (Greenwood et al., 2008, 2017).

Researcher involved: Habtamu Garomssa

1st Supervisor: Prof.dr. B.J.R. van der Meulen (CHEPS – University of Twente)

 2nd Supervisor: Prof.dr. Thorsten Kliewe (S2BMRC, FH Münster)

 Co-Supervisor: Dr. A.C.M. de Gayardon de Fenoyl MSc (Ariane) (CHEPS – University of Twente)