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University Leadership and Management Development Programmes (LMDP)

CHEPS has an eighteen-year record of work in the broad area of leadership and management development in higher education covering more than 20 countries. Our current flagship programme is the Leadership Development Programme which we have offered for the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) for ten years with a total of over 220 participants from 18 universities. (See http://www.eciu.org/leadership-development-programme) CHEPS also contributes to leadership and management development programmes offered by Hochschule Osnabrück (where Hans Vossensteyn is a part-time professor), the University of Georgia (USA) and the LH Martin Institute of Tertiary Education Leadership and Management, University of Melbourne (where Jon File is a senior visiting fellow). A notable feature of our LMDP work is a suite of higher education LMD simulation games developed by CHEPS for the LH Martin Institute but which we can use in other programmes. CHEPS can offer tailor-made LMD programmes to interested organisations and groups.