Study to Design a Programme / Clearinghouse Providing Access to Higher Education for Syrian Refugees and Internal Displaced Persons

The overall objective was to identify an EU intervention contributing to the mitigation of ruptures in the further/higher education cycles of young Syrians affected by the crisis and civil war in Syria. The project aimed at assisting in the design of a future programme by the EU to enhance access to further and higher education in the region for young Syrians who had to drop out of formal education. The project was managed by the Luxembourgish consultancy bureau Proman and funded by the European Commission. The findings led, in 2015, to an EU's action document dedicating 12m euro to a new regional higher and further education facility to address drop-outs of young Syrians. This action is part of the first EU Regional Trust Fund (called the "MADAD fund") to finance responses to the Syrian crisis.

Contact person at CHEPS is Leon Cremonini.