Stimulating third-stream activity at Linköping University: stock-taking, analysis and policy development

Linköping University, one of the leading universities of Sweden, with locations in Linköping, Norrköping and Stockholm, is active in many collaborations with industry, the public sector and civil society for its teaching and research activities. The university is very keen on strategically managing these collaborations, creating synergies between disciplines, between activities and campuses to maximise its overall positive societal impact. CHEPS has supported Linköping University’s internal community-building and policy-development process with external information-gathering, comparative reviews and benchmarking, more in particular: i) mapping and analyzing the existing activities of the Linköping University collaborations, ii) identifying best practice in university incentive approaches for collaboration, and iii) operationalizing potential indicators, benchmarking and policy proposals.

This project was performed in 2013-2014 and was funded by Linköping University.
The contact person for this project at CHEPS is Paul Benneworth.