World Bank Reimbursable Advisory Service on Higher Education Internal Funding and Governance in Latvia 

Following a first World Bank higher education advisory service in 2013/14 that addressed the Latvian higher education funding model on the system level, a second higher education project with World Bank support addressing, among others, the internal funding models and governance arrangements of Latvian higher education institutions (HEIs) was started in 2016. The 2013/14 higher education project led to a reform of the Latvian state funding model for higher education in the form of the introduction of a new, three-pillar model including a performance-based pillar, thereby bringing the funding model closer to European best practices. To complement the changes on the system level, the second higher education project turns to the subsequent developments within higher education institutions in Latvia – particularly with regard to the question of how the new performance-based funding and incentive orientation is reflected on the institutional level. In addition, the study explores the potentials for further development in the fields of internal funding and governance. Based on international trends and good practices in higher education internal funding and governance – presented in a first report – two sets of requirements were developed, one for good internal funding models and one for good internal governance arrangements. Based on these requirements, an assessment of the status quo in Latvian higher education institutions was conducted – presented in a second advisory report.

Contact person for World Bank projects in Latvia at CHEPS is Hans Vossensteyn.

The project reports can be found at: